5 USA Getaways for less than $300


Dallas offers so much for the traveler that is hard to see everything in a short break so here are some monumental places to check out.

  • DO: 6th floor Museum

    6th floor Museum
    Everyone knows about it and it’s still quite mysterious, so a trip to the depositary building is a must
  • EAT: Round Up

    Round Up
    Staying totally country grab your partner by the hand and lets go a country dancing and getting the beers in.
  • SLEEP: The Belmont

    The Belmont
    It's one of those hotels that looks amazing but don’t cost the earth, be indulged and pampered.

Omaha is a fresh, dynamic city. The energy of a city at full throttle but unique in the sense you can take it really easy while the world flies by.

  • DO: Desoto Bends

    Desoto Bends
    A million geese and 75,000 duck just can’t be wrong.
  • EAT: The Homy

    The Homy
    Anywhere that has champagne on draft and tap is a place worth visiting ion our book.
  • SLEEP: The Suites

    The Suites
    Don’t get freaked but its haunting familiar & good value:
Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the mecca of all things in excess here is just a glimpse of what’s on offer for the happy time traveler.

  • DO: Venice Beach

    Venice Beach
    It’s all happening down in Venice Beach and easy to enjoy yourself here with the mish mash of stuff to do and take in.
  • EAT: The Tavern

    The Tavern
    The Tavern could be the real eating and drinking taste of L.A. just be sure to enjoy its delights.
  • SLEEP: Miyako hotel Los Angeles

    Miyako hotel los angeles
    Contemporary design by iconic artifacts such as the work of art created by Susumu Shingu as well as the famous prints produced by Toyo Miyatake.

The second sunshine state, sun-relax all year round with these additional treats.

  • DO: Ballon Ride

    Ballon Ride
    It may be expensive but its one of those trips you will never ever forget.
  • EAT: The Flying Star Café

    The flying Star Café
    The flying Star Café is something of an institution, historic in every sense and a place you can’t afford to miss
  • SLEEP: Desert Sands Motel

    Desert Sands Motel
    You might recognize the Desert Sands Motel as it’s been in plenty of movies and shows on TV and it looks crazy cool.

Washington is the home to the memorial but a whole lot more besides. This could be the memorial trip of a life time :)

  • DO: The Mall

    The Mall
    Washington is the city of memorials, we recommend you go to the Mall and take in some art and science.
  • EAT: Le Villa

    Le Villa
    So you’re in a different city why not try completely different food while you’re at it.
  • SLEEP: The Donovan House

    The Donovan House
    Ultra modern and ultra slick, another reason to try the upper end comtemorary hotel.