A Quick and Cheap way to visit Sagrada Familia



A Quick and Cheap way to visit Sagrada Familia

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Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous and visited spots in BCN.

You can already find the information more than enough about Gaudi and histories and stories about the architecture, so here I give you tips how to make a visit to Sagrada Familia Quick and Cheap.

The entrance ticket is 13euros, but people from all around the world are always in a long cue to enter and see the masterpiece of Gaudi. Is it the only way to enter?

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Of course no..

There's a small entrance on the left hand side of the Glory Facade (modern facade) connected to the inside of the building. It is opened to the locals who want to pray and participate in the misa, but it is always opened.

It will not be as fancy as climbing up the stairs of the temple and looking down at the nice view of Barcelona, but it's good enough if you have limited time and bugdet. The pictures I uploaded here are all taken from the free entrance part. :) Enjoy!

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