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Palace of the Legion of Honor

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Alfred Hitchcock fans will recognize the Legion from Vertigo, where Madeleine stares at the painting of Carlotta Valdes. The Legion is in a classically designed building, constructed for the Panama Pacific Internat'l Expo, it’s now a fine art museum. The collection includes ancient & modern art, with it’s most famous piece, Rodin’s Thinker occupying the front courtyard. The museum is large, and houses art from ancient sculpture to mural-size paintings from the Renaissance to modern masterpieces.

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Like the DeYoung, the price can be expensive, so it’s best to take advantage of the admission charge and visit the DeYoung the same day (admission is good for both museums). Better yet, visit on the first Tuesday of the month when it’s free (with extra charges for special exhibitions).

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The Palace of the Legion of Honor is built on an old SF cemetery (called City Cemetery) that was exhumed in the early 1900s. In 1993 while doing some construction on the site 300-700 more corpses were found in a section that they think now must have been an unofficial pauper's graveyard that could contain many thousands of bodies.

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