Going gay at the Oktoberfest



Going gay at the Oktoberfest

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Contrary to its name, the world’s largest folk festival actually kicks off in the middle of September and lasts until the first Sunday in October. In 2010 an additional day is added to the festival because it is a special celebratory year. Munich’s mayor opened the Oktoberfest for its 200th anniversary on 18 September in the traditional manner, by tapping the first keg using a wooden hammer and then shouting “O’zapft is!”, as in “it is tapped”.

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he Gay Sunday in the Bräurosl tent is hands down the biggest gay attraction in Munich after Pride, but it is by no means the only. Several other events are scheduled for the two weeks that follow the opening of the festival. Most notable is the RoslMontag on Monday 20 September from 15:00 in the Bräurosl tent and the Prosecco-Wiesn from 13:00 on Monday 27 September in the Frischer Vroni tent.

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Ten crucial words to help you get by on the Wiesn

1. Dirndl (n) – A traditional Bavarian dress

2. Hendl (n) – Roast chicken

3. Mass (n) – One litre of beer

4. Radler (n) – Beer shandy

5. Bieseln (v) – Taking a leak

6. Fluppe (n) – Slang for cigarette

7. Brezel (n) – Prezel, a great accompaniment to a mass

8. Sekt (n) – Sparkling wine

9. I’ mog di – I like you

10. Schnackseln (v) – Shagging

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