Secret tips to enjoy Christmas in NYC!

The best tips for your trip to New York at Christmas time. Secret tips for Shopping, Parties and Restaurants.

  • Bar 13: Poetry Mondays

    Bar 13: Poetry Mondays
    The energy is fantastic when the poets get on stage! I have seen some very talented poets there.
  • Top of the Rock VS. Empire State

    Top of the Rock VS. Empire State
    T.O.T.R. is a little less high but it gives you a view that you can’t get from the Empire State.
  • Tenement Museum

    Tenement Museum
    The tenement museum takes a building from the 1860s in the lower east side and shares the lives of the people who lived there.
  • Ellen's Stardust Diner

    Ellen's Stardust Diner
    Two words: Milkshakes and singing! Though this place is meant for tourists, it's a lot of fun!
  • Prune

    This is one of those places where it's worth it to wait on line to get in. Indulge in their famous brunch, or dinner - the duck is amazing!
  • Momofuku

    This guy (meaning the chef) should have a few Michelin stars and he is there, in that small bar in the East Village just cooking noodles.
  • SoHo Underground Nightlife

    SoHo Underground Nightlife
    These are my fave underground spots... they are literally underground! Get past the bouncer, go through the kitchen, talk to the hostess & you’re there!
  • Gold Bar

    Gold Bar
    It is a completely golden place. Even the cocktails are inspired in gold. It works if you want to impress a friend visiting you :)
  • Bembe

    This place isn't huge so either get there early or come ready to create some space on the dance floor with your spectacular moves!!!
  • Le Labo

    Le Labo
    The store only has about 12 unisex fragrances which they mix for you right then and there, and they also label the bottles with your name.
  • Dressing Room: boutique and bar

    Dressing Room: boutique and bar
    This cute boutique/bar offers clothing by local designers, vintage/consignment items at reasonable prices, and alcohol ALL under one roof.
  • Strand Books

    Strand Books
    18 miles of books distributed among several floors. If you are looking for a present they have cloth bags (from $8 to $11), they do a design contest every year.