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Follow Kylie’s new world tour accross the globe! We’ll help you find everything you need: tickets, hotels, restaurants... And the best tips to enjoy not only the shows but also the journey :)

We love Kylie and sure you love her too!

Aphrodite-Les Folies Tour

Barcelona, Spain

Saturday 12th March 2011

Barcelona is one Spanish city where you can ‘keep on pumpin it’.

Amneville, France

Monday 14th March 2011

Amneville is a major skiing area so you can do it ‘cowboy style’.

Arnhem, Netherlands

Thursday 17th March 2011

When in Arnhem, you just know that ‘you’re just here for the music’

Oberhausen, Germany

Friday 18th March 2011

Oberhausen is an amazing city known for many surprising things including where the wild roses grow

Dublin, Ireland

Tuesday 22nd & Weds 23rd March 2011

It’s never too late Dublin, on a night like this

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Friday 25th March 2011

It’s no secret that the people of Cardiff love their balls, rugby balls that is !!!

Montreal, Canada

Thursday 28th April 2011

Montreal as they say “Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi”

New York, United States

Mon 2nd, Tues 3rd & Weds 4th May

New York is a city very much the city that is 24 hour happiness, go on and do it cowboy style