5 European Getaways for less than 300€

Lyon » france

Lushes Lyon, historic in every sense with a twist of the contemporary, chill out and culturize yourself.

  • DO: Institute Lumeiere

    Gugane Barra
    If its culture you’re looking for then look no further than Lyon, maybe home to French cinema.
  • EAT: Brasserie Georges

    Brasserie Georges
    Eating with 200 years of history is in itself historic but time certainly does show that they do know their trade.
  • SLEEP: Hotel de la cite

    Hotel de la cite
    An ultra-modern building designed by Renzo Piano, the Italian architect most famous for his work on the Pompidou Centre.
Lisbon » portugal

Look @ Lisbon, a little for everyone plus it’s just a fantastic place for a break out.

  • DO: Santa Justa Elevator

    Santa Justa Elevator
    It’s a beat of a track and you must not have vertigo to climb to the top and have a little drink or maybe a lot to come back down again.
  • EAT: Deli Delux

    Deli Delux
    Go a little mad and vintage while you eat and drink, that’s what Deli De Lux is all about.
  • SLEEP: House 4 bairro alto

    House 4 bairro alto
    House4 Bairro Alto could be a hotel, but it´s not. It´s a unique and intimist place with 4 rooms, situated in the most emblematic and intense district of Lisboa, the "bairro alto".
Hamburg » germany

Hamburg, alive and kicking. From 100 year old fish to everything cool and maritime

  • DO: Hamburg Fishmarkt

    Hamburg Fishmarkt
    It’s fun, it’s busy and sometimes can be a bit smelly but seeing the true essence of a city then you must go.
  • EAT: Kaffeeroesterei

    100 years of tradition and an amazing 1500 varieties of tea, coffee and hot chocolate, a definite stop.
  • SLEEP: 25 Hours

    25 Hours
    If you love the sea and all thing maritime then the 25 is for you, check out there unbelievable weekend breaks!!
Rome » italy

Wow Rome, the true essence of an ancient world and fantastic to explore on a budget and a short range of time. Where old meets new in all senses.

  • DO: The Coliseum

    The Coliseum
    Its probably one of the best known tourist destinations on the planet and sure why not, its old and its cool to look at.
  • EAT: Mosto Taverna

    Mosto Taverna
    One of Rome’s best, proud and most authentic & quintessential places to gobble Italian food, molto Buono!
  • SLEEP: Hotel Alpi

    Hotel Alpi
    The building and square are over 400 years old so your not just staying in a hotel your staying in true history.
Athens » Greece

Athens full of life and a city that offers great value for money and a great sense actually seeing time through the ages.

  • DO: New Acropolis Museum

    New Acropolis Museum
    10,000 years of history and the best place in the city to start your adventure as you get to see what and where everything was and happened.
  • EAT: Circus Bar

    Circus Bar
    See the paparazzi and the odd famous soap opera star or indeed opera stars at this trendy and historic, brilliant for early evening drinks or two.
  • SLEEP: Twentyone hotel

    Twentyone hotel
    The O&B Athens Boutique Hotel- As cool as it is inviting and has some super weekend deals on offer, book in advance of course!.