Tiny Travel Tale competition

Using your imagination, tell us a travel tale in 140 "characteres" (or less). Be original, ask your friends for votes and win this unique and funky Flip™ video camera!

  • It was not a mistake.

    Stepping down the mountain and into unknown territory. The shrine. The small art museum. The kids. Each merged into the thread Kyoto Streets

    by smrose (0% of the votes)

  • Turkish Delights Marmaris,Turkey

    Heaven on Earth, turqoise waves,marble-paved shores..seashells,greeness,vibrant nights, a paintbrush with all colors sunset&pure delight.

    by alice9122 (0% of the votes)

  • M25

    In the taxi, it was very hard to imagine what might happen that week in July...in the traffic jam, when my plane flew overhead, it was easy.

    by seaview (0% of the votes)

  • Songkran in Mae Ai

    Offerings of gifts to elders. Blessings bestowed. Threads woven around wrists. Saffron robed monks joyfully throwing water. Songkran.

    by mlaureli (0% of the votes)

  • "The Great Taj Mahal"

    This is not a place, its a heaven. Taj beauty cannot be defined in words. It can only be seen and felt.

    by arvind (5% of the votes)

  • A Quaint Place Called Fiji

    Beachcomber Island. Lazy waves. Dark blue starfish. Coconut rum. Bungalows. Natives with guitars. Bartenders grinning. Ultimate happiness.

    by allisonleah (0% of the votes)

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