The iwannagothere.com Team has put together our favourite 3 places for each of our travel categories,
chosen for their quality, uniqueness, beauty and their quirkiness.

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  • Jiuzhaigou Valley 九寨沟

    Jiuzhaigou Valley 九寨沟

    Avatarrecommendation by fang

    Jiuzhaigou Valley, with hundreds of lakes, many beautiful waterfalls. Tibetan villages, really, what more could you ask for?.
  • Mossuril by 4x4

    Mossuril by 4x4

    Avatarrecommendation by fer

    Mossuril by 4x4, huge empty beaches, white sands, turquoise waters and nobody around for miles and miles. This is bliss!
  • Sauna in the middle of the Sea!

    Sauna in the middle of the Sea!

    Avatarrecommendation by mijo

    Sauna in the middle of the Sea, the name says it all, there really is no place on earth like this sauna. Panoramic relaxation with Swedish design, a fab match.
  • Prune


    Avatarrecommendation by fifimagoo

    Prune, indulgence is the complete norm at this gastro theatre, amazing food and treats to satisfy the hunger inside of you.
  • Two fat ladies

    Two fat ladies

    Avatarrecommendation by julia

    Two Fat Ladies, England is known for fish and chips but Scotland is known for the Two Fat Ladies, an institute of sensual traditional grub.
  • DODO Hot Dog

    DODO Hot Dog

    Avatarrecommendation by chema

    They may look funny but for a snack on the run these Dodo hot dogs are surely the best in the world ! Who cares about looks when tastes are this good.
  • Sim’s Cozy Garden Hostel

    Sim’s Cozy Garden Hostel

    Avatarrecommendation by susanna-alaitz

    Amazing real family feeling hostel, special for many reasons but amazing for its unique twist on how to live and how to come and go.
  • Cape Clear Camping

    Cape Clear Camping

    Avatarrecommendation by dropboy

    Cape Clear Camping, is there any other place on earth like this ? We don't think so,amazing scenery and serenity, more than perfect camping.
  • Riad Noir D'Ivoire

    Riad Noir D'Ivoire

    Avatarrecommendation by otterface_travels

    In the centre of Marrakesh is a luxury palace awaiting royalty. Eloquent, relaxing and sand free, this is the retreat of retreats.
  • Wufenpu - 五分埔

    Wufenpu - 五分埔

    Avatarrecommendation by chema

    Wufenpu, For all you fashioners this is the ultimate shopping experience,the fresh look of the cat walk for cheap market prices - hello heaven!!!
  • Merci


    Avatarrecommendation by chicalista

    Merci, taking it to the next level with style, future thinking and stuff you wanna spend your cash on, so individual.
  • The Evolution Store

    The Evolution Store

    Avatarrecommendation by chicalista

    The Evolution Store, astronaut food, skulls, birds and everything that can freak the life out of you, shop here only if you dare .... Boo.
  • Wi-fi at Bryant Park

    Wi-fi at Bryant Park

    Avatarrecommendation by maguisso

    Bryant Park, an excellent place to chill over a coffee, take in the park and the people and surf to your free hearts content.
  • Biking to Yungas

    Biking to Yungas

    Avatarrecommendation by fer

    Biking to Yungas, talk about taking your breathe away, this is stunning mountain biking like you have never seen before. You wanna have pretty thick skin to continue.
  • b


    Avatarrecommendation by wayne-crismani

    Willunga Beach, as far as isolation and off the beaten track go, you can't beat this. Beauty surrounds you on every level and your sure to handle it.

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