The iwannagothere.com API consists of a set of callable methods that provide all the information about categories, places and items that you can find at iwannagothere.

iwannagothere.com uses geonames.org as its places database, so in some of the methods you must call their API first to see the place ID.

Terms of use

Thanks for using the iwannagothere.com API. Using our API you agree to the following terms of use.

All the content and recommendations belong to iwannagothere.com & its users. All rights are reserved by iwannagothere.com.

All content must explicitly reflect who wrote it, something like "Posted by username in link_recomendacion_iwannagothere" would be fine.

Links needed:

  • - User names linked to your user profile on iwannagothere.com
  • - Recommendations linked to the recommendation page on iwannagothere.com
  • - Pics linked to to the recommendation page on iwannagothere.com page

All changes made on iwannagothere.com should be reflected by the user you of the API (recommendations modified or deleted).

iwannagothere.com logo must be visible at all times, being made clear where ever recommendations appear.

Please do not use the iwannagothere.com API in any way that may affect the stability of our servers.

Access and use of the API is free, but iwannagothere.com reserves the right to charge maintenance fees for certain uses or certain commercial applications.

Security and authentication

All requests received in the API must be authenticated, through the user's API Key as parameter in each request.



Your API Key

Every user has an API Key that can use. Ask us about it: hello@iwannagothere.com